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Mindfulness for schools

We love working with the students and teaching staff in WA schools!

Our expertise incorporates the latest evidence based practice, fusing mindfulness, sensory processing, attention training and emotional regulation techniques. 

As Occupational Therapists we are all about real life. We bring practical and simple ideas to you and your students and we tailor our sessions using graded approaches to suit your classrooms.

We offer:

  • Incursions

  • In-class student workshop series

  • Professional development workshops for teaching staff

  • One to one or small group consultations ( students, parents, teachers).

  • Webinars

Resources for schools: 

Not sure where to start in your classroom? Our Mindful classroom guides are full of simple and effective activities and worksheets for you to complete with your students ( at home or at school).

We provide the following resources:

  • Mindfulness for primary school students

  • Mindfulness for secondary students

  • Mindfulness for education support ( Pre primary to year 6)

  • Mindfulness for secondary education support ( Year 7 +)

Current professional development workshops for teaching staff: 

  • Mindful classrooms ( 2 hour workshop):

  • Sensory processing ( 2 hour workshop)

  • Mindfulness for education support ( 2 – 3 hour workshop)

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