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Home Visiting and rehabilitation in the home

Extend Occupational Therapy offers a friendly and professional community service, where we travel to you.

As Occupational Therapists, we draw on our extensive knowledge of health conditions to match our clients to their optimal equipment choices , home modifications and lifestyle strategies.

Our client centered approach works to improve or maintain our client’s independence, within their own homes.

The clients we most often assist are:

  • People experiencing physical difficulties such as decreased balance, strength, functional endurance, joint range of motion or pain

  • People experiencing cognitive decline including dementia

  • Cognitive rehabilitation post neurosurgery

  • Clients going through cancer treatment ( oncological or haematological cancer)

  • Clients living with chronic health conditions such as lung or heart diseases

  • Clients who want to increase or maintain their independence in their homes

  • Clients who want to decrease their risk of falling

  • Pre and post-surgical clients for physical rehabilitation 

If you have concerns with:

  • Cognition e.g. functional memory, attention, problem solving

  • Falls

  • Breathlessness

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety

  • Pain or difficulty when doing everyday activities

  • Safety, getting in and out of your home e.g. difficult steps

  • Access or safety in your bathroom or toilet

  • Bed mobility

  • Seating and pressure care

  • Sleep positioning and pressure care

  • Rehabilitation post surgery

Extend OT can help you!

Who would install your home modifications?

If we recommend any rails, ramps or modifications be made in your home, we refer to local, reliable tradespeople who offer a prompt and professional service. Alternatively, if you have a tradesman in mind, we are happy to work with them. 

Your home....your choice.

Equipment Hire

Do you require equipment to improve your access or independence at home? Whether you need it for a short period of rehabilitation or would like to ‘try before you buy’, we offer short term loans of basic equipment for every day activities.

Request equipment hire here.

“My OT from Extend took the time to listen to what I wanted. She worked with me to find the best fit for my house and my ability... everyday living is now much easier and I feel safe being at home on my own”

L. Graham of Hillarys, Perth

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