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“The art of noticing”

Corporate Mindfulness

Introduction to the Extend Body and Mind Program

The self-awareness and self-management skills learned and practised in the Extend program are relevant to not only the work place, but all areas of the employees lives. 

Mindful living is a way of life. As Occupational therapists, we look at a person from a holistic perspective. We teach and role model that mindfulness does not mean the need to be ‘zen’ or 'still', but in fact to simply learn to live in the present.

Mindfulness gives you the skills to notice things as they are happening, without projecting your thoughts into the future, or dwelling on past events. It teaches the skill of living in the “what is” as opposed to the “what if?”

Mindfulness meditation sessions facilitate the space in which to practice true focus and present moment consciousness. The sessions create a space in which to disconnect from the world around them and focus on the "now". These sessions offer an opportunity to practice bringing together the body and the mind, to pay conscious attention to what is happening and how it feels, as it unfolds, with an element of curiosity and without judgement.

“An investment into the Extend mindfulness program is multi-faceted. It is an investment in the individual staff members, the way they work within their teams and as a corporate body”

Extend Occupational Therapy offers the following specialised groups and workshops:


  • "Extend body and mind" Group mindfulness meditation   We offer one off or regular mindfulness meditation sessions to you and your staff.  Progressive groups aim to add to the participants mindfulness ‘toolbox’ week to week, with skills they can take away and use every day, to enhance concentration, productivity, feelings of self efficacy, resilience and self-esteem. 

  • One to one employee consultations:                              Personalised mindfulness sessions and graded mindfulness programs are available to complement the clients physical, spiritual, emotional and vocational requirements.

  • Self care and resilience

  • Your sensory profile

  • Mindful leadership 

Staff Meeting
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