Workshop series

MedARTation is a series of workshops designed by Extend Occupational Therapist Nia Connop. The workshops are a combination of mindful practices and creative arts.

The workshops are designed to be a treat for the senses. An opportunity to slow down both the body and the mind, and sink into the meditative practice of the creative arts. All workshops begin with a mindfulness, breathwork and gratitude practice, which sets the scene and your headspace to get into the creative flow...

Extend is thrilled to continue bringing you fresh workshops with the best local talents including ceramicists, visual artists, musicians, wood workers and chefs!

Our founder Nia is a Senior Occupational Therapsist and advocate for extending our bodies and minds. Nia invites you in with warmth, to try something new, and learn the science behind mindfulness meditation and breathwork while you're at it!

*Note to allied health providers and teachers. These workshops are tax-deductible and contribute to your CPD hours! (winning!)

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