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extend your body and mind

About Us

This is Extend.

Welcome to Extend Occupational Therapy. We are based in Perth, Western Australia. If you are wondering if we will travel to you beyond the Perth Metropolitan Area, simply click here and get in touch!

Follow the tabs above to explore our comprehensive range of services.

We are client centred, we work with you to achieve your goals.


We believe in the opportunity for all people to engage in what they love, without physical, mental, social or environmental barriers.

How does Extend differ from other Occupational Therapy providers?

At Extend, we pride ourselves on our client centred approach,, interactive goal setting and the way we help our clients to own their independence.

Our reliable and efficient service is reflected in our happy clients, who refer Extend to their friends and family- a true sign of confidence and trust in Occupational Therapy.

Our passion is Mindful living - the ability to be present in the moment and bring together your body and mind.

Paying attention and being mindful are the keys to making the most out of everyday and we love to explore this way of living with our clients of every age and ability. 

“Dave and I loved Extend’s positive approach to my rehabilitation. Nia gave me the confidence to set goals and was with us each step of the way, celebrating at each milestone. Her mindful approach to take things slow and pay attention to what was happening in my body as it was happening was so helpful in calming me down and allowed me to focus on one step at a time, Dave learnt lots for himself at the same time!


– Victoria, Balcatta WA.

Our principal Occupational Therapist and director of services: Nia Connop

Senior Occupational Therapist- B.Sc  (Occupational Therapy).

Nia has over 12 years of extensive experience working as an Occupational Therapist across hospital and community settings.  Her passion for empowering  clients to live mindfully and take control over their own health and well-being is the ethos behind Extend; motivating people to make the most out of their every- day living.

Nia fosters a mindfulness approach to living and her work, in which she teaches people to embrace each day, face challenges head on, and always remember to stop and appreciate the simple things in life.

Special interests:  Chronic conditions self-management, cancer services, art and healthcare, dementia care, physical rehabilitation in the home, cognitive rehabilitation, mindfulness and anxiety management for everyday living.

Some of Extend Occupational Therapy’s past and present clients:

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